Currently the Automated Clearing House (ACH) posts electronic credits using a routing number and account number several times per day, including the option of Same Day ACH for credit transactions such as direct deposits. 

 After September 15, 2017, all electronic debit transactions will be posted to your account multiple times per day as well.  This conversion to “Same Day ACH Debits” will provide opportunities to make a bill payment faster with fewer delays.  Because the payments are moving faster, please note debit transactions may post to your account as soon as the same day payment is initiated.  If funds are not available when a payment posts to your account, a fee may occur. 

 You can keep track of your account with one of Shelby State Banks many electronic services.  We offer free Online Banking, Phone Banking services, and Mobile Banking with the Touch Banking App.  If you have any questions or concerns regarding Same Day ACH transactions, please contact your local branch of Shelby State Bank.