Your security is always a priority with Shelby State Bank. We seek to work together with you for the protection of your accounts, funds and personal information, and this is our hub for helpful information about your security.

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Password Smarts

We should all know the fundamentals of password security by now, but it is so easy to take shortcuts for sake of quick recall or to assume that a certain account is not substantial enough to be targeted.

Click here for a timely refresher on passwords that are truly secure.


Online Dating Scams

There are many online dating success stories. But hidden behind online dating profiles, there are also scammers looking to to score financially.

Click here to see what to watch for and how to respond if an online connection makes a move for your wallet.


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Don't Be Fooled:

Neither Shelby State Bank nor the IRS will ever contact you unexpectedly and ask for your passwords, Social Security Number or other personal information over the phone, by text or email. If you see a request like this, you can be sure it is a scam. Don't reply, don't click, and don't believe what you see.

If there is ever a question about the legitimacy of any communication between Shelby State Bank and you, always feel free to verify by calling us directly.

Banks Working to Protect You

According to research just released by the American Banker's Association, banks' fraud prevention tactics are stopping nearly 90% of fraud attempts. This amounts to over $22.3 billion saved out of over $25 billion in attempted fraud and theft!

At Shelby State Bank, we apply internal security measures as well as consumer education (like this page) to do our part in fraud prevention and customer protection.

Read more about banks' security efforts plus tips to protect yourself here:


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Tips for Avoiding Phishing and Other Scams

There is a constant onslaught of attempts to steal key pieces of your personal information. The sheer numbers are staggering.

Fortunately, there are recognizable patterns used by scammers which means a little education goes a long way towards prevention. Click the link below for a short article by FDIC that describes phishing and other ways criminals seek to fool you into handing over your sensitive information.

It's easy to print, download or share. Spend a couple minutes to learn what to watch out for!


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Spotting Common Scams

Linked here is a document that summarizes common scams about as clearly and concisely as we have seen. Take a look to protect yourself, and share the information so your whole family is as protected as you are.

Prevention is best!